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                             5. BLACK AND FEMALE APPOINTMENTS

          5.1 Recruiting Candidate Attorneys

                           Year-on-year                  Developing black and female professionals that can mature to
                               more than                 become future attorneys and directors, starts with the recruitment
                               60% black                 of competent candidate attorneys. For small and medium-sized
                              candidate                  firms, the option of lateral hires is limited, making the internal
                                attorneys                development and retention of suitable candidates the most viable
                              have been                  and successful long-term option for most firms.
                           appointed in
                               the Group                 Recognising the importance of the graduate recruitment process
                                                         and the need to identify competent young professionals, the Group
                                                         recognised the need to increase the drawing and retention power
                                                         of member firms and to position member firms as the employer of
                                                         choice for candidates. This has resulted in a number of initiatives to
                                                         grow awareness and to position member firms as eligible career
                                                         choices for graduate law students across South Africa.

                                                         The most important of these initiatives has been to actively grow the
                                                         visibility of member firms at Law Faculties nationally and to change
                                                         graduates’ perception of small and medium member firms to
                                                         that of being seen as attractive career choices. To achieve these
                                                         goals the Group annually conducts extensive graduate recruitment
                                                         campaigns and initiatives at South African universities with one
                                                         goal in mind – to attract the best graduate candidates to apply at
                                                         member firms.

          Group Transformation Report for 2018/19
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