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                                       3. NEW BREED LAW FIRMS

          The Group Standards were adopted and implemented      To  claim  the  status  of  being  a  New  Breed  Law  Firm™,
          across all member firms in 2014. These standards which   member firms must progressively implement best
          address client service, staff satisfaction, best practice   practices at their firm to comply with the Group Standards,
          implementation, transformation and Group engagement,   with such practices relating to client service, marketing,
          provide the yardstick which each member firm is annually   strategic planning, staff satisfaction, firm practices,
          measured  against  through  a centralised  certification   training and development, regulatory compliance, risk
          process. The Group Standards are also aspirational and   management, transformation and more.
          underpin the key Group Values member firms are required
          to adopt in order to become a New Breed Law Firm™.    These best practices have been meticulously identified to
                                                                provide a robust foundation for the practices a leading
          The New Breed Law Firm™  campaign is uniquely         law firm needs. To measure compliance, the Phatshoane
          aligned with the Phatshoane Henney Group and          Henney Group annually conducts a comprehensive
          personifies the drive of the Group to position its    survey of each of its member firms, assessing compliance
          member firms not only as being leading law firms in   with over 60 best practices at each member firm using an
          their  respective  territories,  but  also  as  being  compliant,   evidence-based audit that leads to a Group Standards
          well-managed,  diversified  South  African  law  firms  –     Scorecard for each firm.
          a New Breed of Law Firm for South Africa.
                                                                To reward firms that have excelled in their annual Group
                                                                Standards  audit,  the  Group  has  introduced  its  annual
                                                                Achiever Awards. These awards reward exceptional results
                                                                with recognition and the opportunity for member firms to
           Group Standards are aspirational                     use their achievement in the coming year to demonstrate
            and underpin the Group Values                       to staff and clients why it is recognised by the Group as
              member firms are required to                      being a New Breed Law Firm™. Each award is valid for a
              adopt in order to become a                        year following certification and must be reconfirmed in
                   New Breed Law Firm™                          the next year.


              Group Standards Platinum Achiever 2019                   Group Standards Gold Achiever 2019

           Firms that obtained above 90% compliance with the      Firms that obtained above 80% compliance with the
                          Group Standards.                                       Group Standards.

          Group Transformation Report for 2018/19
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