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                                              1. INTRODUCTION

          It affords me great pleasure to present the third Group   from within the Group, give definition to what standards
          Transformation Report for the periods 2018/19. Despite   member firms should adopt and have provided clarity
          numerous challenges facing the legal profession and a   as to what it means to be a member firm. The adoption
          tumultuous economy which can distract and provide an   of these Group Values has also contributed to creating a
          acceptable excuse for poor progress, the Phatshoane    unique and differentiating culture within the Group which
          Henney Group has continued to strive and prioritise    is noticed by clients and other law firms alike.
          transformation  within  its  ranks. In  this  report  I  highlight
          some of the achievements and challenges we have        Central to being a New Breed Law Firm  and highly
          experienced over the last two years and recommit       relevant to South Africa is our primary value of ‘Diversity’.
          the Group to its robust transformation imperative in the   Transformation and the need to not only transform the
          coming years.                                          legal profession but also contribute to the transformation
                                                                 of the broader South African business environment
          The Phatshoane Henney Group, established in 2006,      is encapsulated herein, along with the need to
          has since its inception maintained a strong focus on   promote gender equality in the legal profession and
          being recognised as a South African network of law firms   diversify firms to be reflective of their South African
          meeting local requirements, in contrast to international   client base.
          legal networks spanning multiple jurisdictions, with each
          having their own requirements and territorial nuances.  To effect this commitment to ‘Diversity’ and also the South
                                                                 African imperative of Black Economic Empowerment,
          As a South African network of law firms the Group has   explicit Group BEE Standards, residing under the auspices
          committed itself to empowering member firms to be      of the overarching Group Standards, have been adopted
          compliant and meet local requirements to ensure that   to set clear transformation targets for member firms. These
          they are leading corporate citizens of South Africa, and   Group BEE Standards form part of the annual certification
          so set the standard for law firms locally while embracing   process of firms and drive the transformation focus in
          the needs and demands of a modern, multicultural       member firms.
          South Africa.
                                                                 The decision to implement BEE Standards in the absence
          In 2014 the Group adopted uniform Group Standards      of a legal sector BEE charter has been fortuitous, as this
          applicable to all member firms. These Group Standards   has enabled firms to prepare themselves to achieve
          are locally relevant and obliges each member firm      high BEE levels and establish a foundation for growing
          to be annually measured and certified in respect of    young black professionals in their firms who can mature
          their compliance. In parallel the Group Standards are   into professionals and directors. It has also allowed firms
          accompanied by Best Practices developed within the     to weather continuing changes in the BEE legislation
          Group that provide the all-important foundation for    landscape, the latest as recent as late 2019, making
          compliance. Following annual certification by the Group,   effective BEE planning without a resolute and specialised
          member firms that achieve exceptional results are      focus on BEE difficult, often leaving law firms floundering
          recognised through the Group’s annual Achiever Awards.  and unprepared.

          Our Group Standards have become synonymous with        In similar vein the preferential procurement demands
          member firms being regarded as New Breed Law Firms     that corporates  and financial institutions  place on  law
          and epitomise firms that have evolved to meet Group    firms have also necessitated a progressive transformation
          Standards  and  so  differentiate  themselves  as  being  a
          New Breed Law Firm .
          Underlying the Group Standards and conditional to being    Despite numerous challenges
          recognised as a New Breed Law Firm  is the requirement
          that member firms adopt the five Group Values of ‘We        to the legal profession, the
          Care’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Standards’, ‘Expertise’ and ‘Diversity’.   Phatshoane Henney Group has
          These Group Values, which have grown organically         continued to strive and prioritise
                                                                     transformation within its ranks

          Group Transformation Report for 2018/19
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