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07 February 2018
My business collects a lot of personal and financi...

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16 November 2017
I work at a recruitment agency. I generally receiv...

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07 September 2017
I own a local cellphone and electronics store. We ...

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09 November 2015
I have a small insurance brokerage firm with a number of private clients. To service my clients I have to obtain and keep personal information of them on file. Is POPI going to affect me and will I have to change the way I am currently deal...

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06 April 2014
The need for greater and more stringent security measures in the business environment, has seen the introduction of sophisticated control and security systems. These systems increasingl...

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25 October 2013
The protection of privacy in South Africa has undergone intense investigation over the last decade. In late 2005 the South African Law Reform Commission found that there wasn’t adequate protection and that a new, separate piece of leg...

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25 October 2012
Jou eerste dagtaak op kantoor voordat jy met jou werk kan begin is om die magdom “spam” van jou inkomende eposse uit te vee. Om nie eers te praat van die onwelkome oproepe en sms’e van tele-bemarkers wat dienste aan jou wi...

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