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Filter: Child
07 February 2018
My wife and I have a young daughter. We are planni...

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09 June 2017
Because I am medically unable to give birth to a c...

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07 July 2016
My son got hurt at school when a steel post holding a newly planted tree upright, punctured his leg while he and his friends were playing on the school grounds. The school denies any negligence and feels that my son should have kept a sharp...

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02 June 2016
I am recently divorced. I want to permanently relocate to Australia with my two minor children as I have obtained a wonderful work opportunity which will benefit myself and my children ...

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14 April 2015
It is often said “parents know best” - but when parents become embroiled in litigation against each other and children are involved, it can become very difficult fo...

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02 June 2014
For over 300 years Muslim spouses and children were discriminated against as their traditional religious marriages were not recognised in terms of South African law. Accordingly, Muslim...

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06 March 2014
Biological parents as well as the legal guardian of a child have a legal obligation to pay maintenance, in other words to support the child financially. This obligation includes contributions towards paying for food, clothing, accommodation...

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