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Filter: Procurement
Filter: Procurement
11 April 2019
My business is growing and I have a good BEE score...

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08 March 2017
My business is quite reliant on government tenders. I understand that new procurement regulations will soon be published which will impact on government tender processes. How concerned should I be?

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10 February 2017
About four years ago my company entered into an enterprise development agreement with a new BEE company starting up in our sector as part of our commitment towards BEE and enterprise de...

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12 September 2016
My business is heavily dependent on government tenders. I have heard talk of new tender regulations that are coming that will have a dramatic impact on the tender requirements. Is this true?

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16 July 2015
My business has a turnover of around R6 million. I understand that companies under R10 million will qualify as an EME under the new BEE Codes and do not have to be verified. However a g...

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