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Filter: Information Technology
Filter: Information Technology
14 July 2017
I recently responded to a Facebook post of a breed...

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05 April 2017
At work one of my colleagues recently replied to a...

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10 February 2017
I’ve recently decided to launch an online business and I am setting up my website. My website developer has strongly advised me to look at proper terms and conditions for my websi...

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11 April 2016
My business partner managed to get hold of my Facebook password without my knowledge. I’m unhappy with the running of the business and have been talking to clients on Facebook abo...

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07 March 2016
I recently bought a computer from an online store for R499.00 but now the store is refusing to send me the computer because they say the price was wrong and it should have been R8,499.00. Surely they must send it to me if they advertised R4...

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