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Filter: Divorce
Filter: Divorce
14 December 2016
I’ve been married for 20 years, but my marriage is in trouble and I’m facing the very real possibility that I may get divorced soon. My husband has a good pension that we’ve planned to use for our retirement, and I am worr...

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08 March 2016
My husband and I have been married for more than 10 years. Our marriage has deteriorated over the last few years with my husband living abroad for more than two years now. I believe the time has come that we get divorced and continue with o...

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15 June 2015
Trusts are more and more being actively used for estate planning purposes, but the percentage of divorces are also increasing annually. Protect yourself by being wary of the abuse of di...

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07 May 2015
As the world gets smaller and smaller, an ‘international wedding’ becomes a greater reality for many couples - from the beach wedding in Mauritius to the castle wedding in I...

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14 April 2015
It is often said “parents know best” - but when parents become embroiled in litigation against each other and children are involved, it can become very difficult for them to...

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06 March 2014
Biological parents as well as the legal guardian of a child have a legal obligation to pay maintenance, in other words to support the child financially. This obligation includes contributions towards paying for food, clothing, accommodation...

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22 November 2013
The dissolution of marriage in South Africa is regulated by our Divorce Act and the Matrimonial Property Act. These acts do not require parties contemplating divorce to enter into divorce mediation. However, our courts have recently started...

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