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Filter: Tax
10 September 2018
I recently read in the news that the B-BBEE Commis...

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08 March 2017
For estate planning purposes a few years ago I moved some of my assets into a family trust and financed the disposal to the trust with an interest free loan in my name. I understand that recent tax amendments will now impose unfavourable ta...

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09 November 2016
I am the owner of a construction business. In our industry skills development is very important and I invest where possible in training my staff. I understand that if I allow my staff to take up learnerships through my company there are cer...

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13 October 2015
I recently established a trust. I want to sell one of my properties to the trust by way of an interest-free loan with the trust owing me the purchase price of the property. However, I w...

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06 August 2015
I bought my house, which I’ve always lived in since buying it, for about R1 million in 2000, and on my auditor’s advice had it appraised in October 2001 for R1.1 million. Over the years I had about R200 000 worth of improvements...

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08 July 2014
Holdco (Pty) Ltd has recently established a subsidiary company Subco (Pty) Ltd. As a new company, Subco is in need of a cash injection. Accordingly, Holdco provides a voluntary interest...

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