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Filter: Criminal
Filter: Criminal
12 July 2018
Of late there has been quite a number of media rep...

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09 August 2017
With a number of well-known persons recently havin...

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10 February 2017
In 2016 my son was assaulted in ‘n bar, however the state decided not to prosecute the particular person. Lately I’ve heard a lot in the news about private prosecution. How does it work?  ...

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09 November 2016
I have recently completed my tertiary education and I am now looking for work, but I can’t get any because I have a criminal record. The record was for petty theft that I commited more than ten years ago and for which I received a R50...

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06 August 2015
I recently heard from a friend that her son had been arrested for drunk driving and that it had been quite a traumatic experience for the family to get their son released on bail. I have to admit I know nothing about bail and I am worried t...

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19 October 2014
It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve just gotten home after a busy week with the prospect of a relaxing weekend ahead. Suddenly there’s a loud knock on the door. You open the door to find a police officer on your doorstep. The...

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