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Filter: Lease
07 February 2018
My business has been renting from the same landlor...

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11 April 2016
I have a small block of flats that I lease out to tenants. I always insist on a deposit to cover tenants that skip out on the final lease payment or cause damage to the property. I alwa...

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08 March 2016
I’ve been leasing a small townhouse to a young tenant. Unfortunately, the tenant is terrible at paying his rent and offers excuse after excuse. I’m fed up with the situation and just want him out. Can I change the locks when he ...

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09 November 2015
We’ve been renting a house for a few years. My wife and I had made several improvements to the house and garden. Now I’m being transferred and we have to move, but am wonder...

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11 June 2015
You’ve just gotten home on a cold winter night and plan to sit snuggly in front of your heater watching a movie, when you realise - no electricity! Used to load shedding, you opt for a nice warm bath. But, alas the water is already co...

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