Lezea is a director of the firm and manages the firm’s property law and conveyancing department.

Lezea is a director of the firm.  She manages the firm’s property law and conveyancing department.

Lezea grew up in Newcastle and matriculated at the Ferrum High School in Newcastle.  She obtained her B.Proc degree at the  North-West University.

Lezea has always specialised in conveyancing and property related matters.  She has extensive experience in general conveyancing and bond registrations, property developments, servitudes and sub-divisions and also deals with property transfers through estate agents.  

Lezea is the  proud manager of a high performance team that has received many performance awards for bond registrations.  She is assisted by our very capable personnel which process large volumes of work with the utmost care and professionalism.  Being on the panels of all major banks, we deliver valuable services to the property sector.  Property transfers, bond cancellations and registrations as well as registration of sectional title schemes and servitudes are done efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Lezea ensures that all the major banks receives a quality service and that estate agents are provided with the best turn around time in the industry.

Lezea is also a proud mother of two and you may often find her supporting her kids at the ballet class , swimming pool or the netball field.

Principal Services:

-   Property transfers
-   Bond registrations
-   Bond cancellations
-   Private bond registrations
-   Registration of servitudes
-   Subdivisions and consolidations