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Who we are

DBM Attorneys is proudly based in Newcastle and our clients regard us as a firm of excellence. As the largest firm of attorneys in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, we provide our clients with efficient and effective legal solutions with integrity and professionalism.

We are a proud player in the legal industry and we are well placed to cater for the needs of a diverse community, overcoming all of the challenges we may face. We strive to dominate the processes we are involved in and to show why we are a new breed of law firm.

Not only will we continue to push the boundaries, but we will also continue to uphold the values and principles that made us who we are today.

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What we do

We work hard, smart, and use our years of experience and expertise to furnish our clients with non-traditional and tailored legal solutions that fit. We use technology to work effectively and use internal standards to ensure consistency in our delivery.

Founded on the principles of ‘only the best is good enough’, we continually strive to enhance our value offering and understanding of what our clients need from us. We use our broad service directory and sector specialisation to deliver results.

With our extensive experience, we are also able to deliver our services in a way that complements the immediate needs of clients and empowers them going forward.

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