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About Us

We are the largest law firm in central northern KwaZulu-Natal. We serve private individuals, corporations, banks, institutional and governmental entities across multiple industry sectors, providing a broad range of legal, support and business advisory services.

Embracing a client-orientated management philosophy where our clients come first, we constantly re-evaluate how we can best serve them. This philosophy underpins our five firm values:

•    We care for our clients, our staff and our community.

•    We innovate in our services and how we provide them.

•    We set standards and measure ourselves against them.

•    We are experts that aim to simplify the complex.

•    We embrace diversity.

We are a new breed of law firm and embrace these values to set us apart as a truly South African law firm. We lead from the front and choose to set the standard rather than follow. Our success has been built on our willingness to explore new and unconventional approaches to law and the practise of law, and our clients have to come to expect a different approach and unique solutions when they work with us.

Our diversity defines who we are and makes all the difference to our clients. We are proud of our empowerment initiatives and achievements as well as our firm, which is made up with team members from a diverse community to enable us to understand our clients’ needs.

We are passionate about the law and our clients and love what we do!